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Evelyn Rose

Research Associate

Dr Evelyn Rose

Dr Evelyn Rose is an interdisciplinary criminologist who specialises in the institutional and structural dimensions of violence and abuse. She is an Honorary Fellow in Criminology at the University of Melbourne and a freelance researcher at various universities including Australian Catholic University and the University of Technology Sydney.

Evelyn has published articles in Theoretical Criminology and Women’s Studies International Forum and was lead author of a commissioned report for the community legal sector, Addressing Family Violence: Contemporary Best Practice and Community Legal Centre.


Her newly-released book, Domestic Violence as State Crime: A Feminist Framework for Challenge and Change (Routledge, 2022), argues that domestic and family violence should be understood and approached as an institutional, structural, and state-based problem rather than an individual perpetrator problem.


Her own victimisation and experiences of chronic illness and disability, along with a background in the performing arts and primary and secondary education, directly influence Evelyn’s research approach, which integrates open, adaptive, survivor-centered  methodologies and innovative conceptual and theoretical ideas.


Evelyn brings diverse research experience to the Dementia Redress Project including investigations into disability institutionalisation, victim-survivor trauma, domestic criminal and civil law, international criminal and human rights law, crime politics and policy, refugee and asylum seeker rights, and institutional and state crime.

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