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Share your views at a focus group or interview

People living with dementia, care partners and family members of people living with dementia who have been abused or neglected in aged care, and dementia and disability advocates and lawyers are invited to participate in a focus group or interview.

Discussions will focus on people’s views on ‘redress’ or righting the wrongs of abuse and neglect of people living with dementia in aged care. Questions will explore whether redress of abuse and neglect is necessary, why it is needed and how it can occur.

Discussions will take place over two stages, in separate sessions:

  1. The first stage explores if redress is necessary and what it should aim to achieve.

  2. The second stage explores how redress will operate and who should be involved in redress.

You can choose to participate in one or both stages. Participants have the option of participating online or in-person (subject to public health orders).

Participants will be offered a voucher to compensate for their time and travel costs (focus groups: $130; interview: $100).

If you would like to participate in this research project or find out more information please email or complete the participation form.

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